Eylure London: Creating Lash Royalty Since 1947

 Eylure London, False Eyelashes, Eylure 65 years Eylure has a rich history of producing false lashes that dates back 65 years! From creating Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra look to collaborating with Katy Perry, Eylure offers vast range of quality, lash categories to cater to everyone and for every look. eylure eyelashes, eylure definition, eylure naturals, eylure volume As the first lash brand to come to market in 1947, Eylure is proud to present the newly repackaged collection with a concise range of eight categories that cover every lash occasion. The eight color-coded categories, covering both strip, individual, and pre-glued lashes, include:
  • Naturals – features shorter lashes for the most natural look.
  • Lengthening – offers longer, fuller lashes for an eye opening look.
  • Volume – longer, thicker lashes to create a fuller effect.
  • Definition – eclectic, spiky lashes for a unique fun look.
  • Texture – roughed up lashes to create a voluminous, lengthened, texturized look.
  • Exaggerate – lashes that offer volume, length, and depth to give an amazing, chic look or a textured style.
  • Dramatic – the longest, fullest lashes currently available. Offers a full, texturized look with a dramatic twist.
  • Pro-Lash – a professional, make-up artist look! Includes lash pieces, underlashes, and flares that will make anyone look like an A-list celebrity.
Eylure starter Kit
The front and back of an Eylure starter-kit
Each collection is manufactured with a mix of natural and faux hair and baked to maintain a natural curve for precise application over an eyelid. As an added benefit, Eylure includes a long lasting lash glue and precise,designer applicator in each lash pack. Even better, a first for new customers, is a brand new starter kit, which includes a practice lash (how cool is that?), two packs of glue, an applicator, and a full pair of gorgeous strip lashes.
Lauren Dimet Waters, Eylure lashes
Here I am with my applied Eylure lashes.
For those of us who are completely inept at applying false lashes, like myself, I can’t tell you how handy the practice lash is! I am usually able to apply one properly lash, but rarely the second. I typically wind up frustrated and just scrap the whole processes, deferring to loads of mascara and never getting the dramatic look I desire. The included applicator makes application fairly easy and I have actually been successful at applying both…evenly.
Eylure eyelashes, Eylure city-themed eyelash kits, Eylure Paris, Eylure New York, Eylure London
Eylure city-themed eyelash kits.
Additionally, Eylure has amazing Halloween spiderweb lashes coming soon and 3 city-themed sets perfect for gift-giving this upcoming holiday season. Eylure Lashes are available at: Target, Kohls, and Ulta for around $4.99-$6.99.   – Lauren Dimet Waters Photos: Second City Style  

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