Beauty Buzz. Estee Lauder Launches Gorgeously Diverse Campaign

Estee Lauder’s new ad featuring Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski and Liu Wen.

Good for Estee Lauder. The classic beauty brand is proving with their latest campaign that while they may be timeless, they also pay attention to the changing trends. That's why the theme of the latest Estee Lauder skincare launch is all about celebrating the beauty of diversity, which the campaign does splendidly with three stunning (and very different-looking) models.

Joan Smalls, Liu Wen and Constance Jablonski appear together in the print ads for the brand’s new launch of Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator and Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator. “Estée Lauder always used to say that any woman can be beautiful, and she expressed that in many ways, including through advertising,” said Aerin Lauder, senior vice president and creative director for Estée Lauder. “This campaign is a modern interpretation of some of the most memorable ads Estée created over the years. Joan, Liu Wen and Constance are all global beauties who will help us express all facets of beauty and write a new chapter for the brand.”


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Estee Lauder's new Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator and Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator

Both Idealist products target problems shared by all different skin tones. Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator consists of a serum designed to address all key signs of uneven skin tone for every ethnicity, while Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator, a product with two shades, addresses dark circles and puffiness.

In July, Lauder will unveil in-store images of Hilary Rhoda, Jablonski, Liu and Smalls globally, to bring the “Every Woman Can Be Beautiful” concept to the Estee Lauder counters. In addition to the key print ad image, each model will have a freestanding print ad image highlighting the uneven skin tone concerns that apply to her particular ethnicity. The serum, which will be 30 ml. for $58 and 50 ml. for $85 and the Cooling Eye Illuminator will sell for $58 for 15 ml., will be available starting in June. Its refreshing to see Estee Lauder acknowledge that every ethnic group has their own skincare concerns, but that every shade is equally beautiful.

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: WWD


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