Emanuel Ungaro "Furious" About Lohan's Involvement With His Label

Lindsay Lohan and current head designer for Emanuel Ungaro, Estrella Archs, at the end of the disappointing Ungaro show in Paris

At an international film festival in Lisbon on Monday, Emanuel Ungaro, founder of his eponymous label, spoke freely—and scathingly—in regard to the controversial topic of Lindsay Lohan. Lohan's headlining ways have reached new high in recent months, first with her induction as 'Artistic Advisor' to the Ungaro house, and then again with her less than successful premiere line that she debuted during Paris Fashion Week, a collection that Ungaro himself calls, "a disaster". "I am furious but I can't do anything about it," the designer went on to say, admitting that, since leaving his label in 2005, he has had virtually no contact with the American investment company that took it over.

Yet although Ungaro is detached from the actual operations of the company he started, he still feels affected as the integrity of his label sits up in the air. He even likened the Lohan debacle as signs that his fashion house was "losing it's soul". "That happens to a lot of designers," Ungaro noted. "We were the creators and patrons, responsible for the creation and destiny of our houses. But when we gave up our houses, we gave up our souls." Meanwhile, rumors are still swirling that Lohan has not been paid the reported $1 million for her time spent on the ill-fated collection and that the house is on the verge of booting her out anyway. Meanwhile, where is former head designer Esteban Cortazar to tell everyone "I told you so!" Turns out his premonitions were spot on after all.


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Article Source: AFP
Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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