Editorial. Sex in My City…A Review and the Clothes!


Here we go…the most over-exposed movie of our time….and it’s finally out! Sex and the City. Even though I allowed the entire plot to be ruined for me, I just had to be there opening day to see my long lost friends. That’s as in Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. No big surprise, the movie made $55.7 million in the U.S. this weekend.

Here was the line at my theater at 2pm Friday. Notice…mostly chicks!


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I am not going to ruin it for the 25 women who have not seen it yet, however, here is my take…

I have to admit I was riveted, mostly by the clothes, not the plot. However, as my friend put it, "I still didn’t want it to end." I remember when the series was airing always wanting more. A half hour never seemed enough. Well, 2 hours and 15 minutes is more than enough for one sitting. Carrie’s narration and how it played into her articles set the direction for each episode of the series. It wasn’t really there in the movie. There also wasn’t much sex, but a lot on love and designer clothes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I got to test my knowledge of designer clothes and was pretty dead on about most! Was the movie watered down? Yes. Did it feel like one old episode drawn out? Yes. Am I anxious for a sequel? You betcha! I don’t care. I don’t want to wait another four years to find out what’s happened to my girls!

What they were wearing:

This is just partial. If you are dying to know about more outfits….leave a comment about the one in question and I will try to figure it out for you!

Opening scene: Carrie in a vintage dress with her signature massive flower. Brilliant!

Carrie in a vintage coat, dress and belt. Bag: Timmy Woods. Shoes: Dior Extreme (love the shoes! I must have them.)

Carrie in a Vivienne Westwood dress, Manolo Blahnik shoes and a Ferragamo bag.

Vest and shoes: Proenza Schouler. Skirt: vintage. Bag: Kisim

Vest and pants: Yves Saint Laurent. Sweater: Giambattista Valli. Shoes: Gucci

Carrie on her wedding day in Vivienne Westwood. The bird: roadkill (hated it).

Miranda in Zac Posen, Charlotte in Zac Posen and guess what? Samantha in …Zac Posen.

Miranda in Maggie London, bag: Alexander McQueen, Belt: vinatge. Carrie in a vintage dress with a Fendi clutch. Charlotte in Salvatore Ferragamo and a vintage belt.

Dress: Gianfranco Ferre. Top: Valentino. Brooch: Chanel

Dress: Prada. Coat: J. Mendel

Coat: Furs by PK
Gloves: Sonia Rykiel

Dress: Dolce & Gabbana. Fur: Lucien Pellat-Finet

Charlotte: Dress: Prada.Carrie: Ralph Lauren. Clutch: Judith Leiber. Brooch: Vedura. Miranda: Dress: Alberta Ferretti. Bag: Nancy Gonzalez. Samantha: Jacket: Thierry Mugler. Skirt: Valentino. Bag: Fendi

Charlotte in an Oscar de la Renta dress (I didn’t know they made maternity either) and Prada coat.

Samantha. Dress: Versace. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bag: Nancy Gonzalez.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters


19 thoughts on “Editorial. Sex in My City…A Review and the Clothes!”

  1. Would you be able to find out any information about the ivory rosette jacket that Carrie wears near the end when she goes back to the penthouse to get her shoes and sees Big?
    I love that jacket!

  2. Kathy C – if you take a glimpse into the SATC The Movie BOOK they tell you that the rosette jacket is actually TWO jackets they put together.
    If you look closely it’s actually a motorcycle jacket (you see th eleather on the collar and the zipper part), and the rosettes are part of something else and I believe they’re both vintage but I don’t have the book in front of me!!
    Go to the book store and get the book! It tells you so many amazing things about all their clothes!

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering if you know where the blue dress with cool sleeves that Carrie wears to the baby shower is from?
    Love the blog by the way, look forward to hearing from you, xo.

  4. hey- I absolutely adore your blog i’m a HUGE fan.
    as far as sex and the city outfits go, sjp wears this FANTASTIC tie-dye maxi dress in the movie… i was wondering if you could let me know where it was from.
    thanks for you help xx

  5. hey but im actually not talking about mcqueen’s butterfly dress. its the tie dye dress she wears when shes arguing with big about the size of the wedding. you can see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpEHk7Y-qZA if you fast forward to 45 seconds in. if you know who made it id love to know im obsessed with that dress! thanks again xx k.

  6. I absolutely LOVED the teal/turquoise jacket, lace skirt and bone shoes that Carrie wore in to meet with Candace Bergen at Vogue. I want a lace skirt like that!

  7. I absolutely LOVED the teal/turquoise jacket, lace skirt and bone shoes that Carrie wore in to meet with Candace Bergen at Vogue. I want a lace skirt like that!

  8. Hi! Can someone please help me find the navy turtleneck Carrie wears when talking to Louise? she wears it with really tight black pants…Thank you!

  9. Hi! I know the ivory suit Carrie had on was Ralph Lauren; however, I was wondering where I can get the tie from and the pink pin-striped shirt.

  10. I would like to know how I can purchase the white fur coat worn by Samantha. I noticed it says ‘Fur by PK’ but still haven’t been able to locate it

  11. could you please try and find the strapless white dress and wide white butterfly dress that sarah jessica parker wore in season 3 episode 47 “what goes around comes around”. she wears it when she and samantha end up at a party and carrie falls down the stairs. thank you very much!

  12. I am trying to locate the women who now own Carrie’s infamous SATC wardrobe for a fashion feature. I would love to hear from you if you know or are one of those lucky ladies


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