Edgy Kate Moss to Design for the Conservative Longchamp Brand

Kate Moss is now to design bags for the classic, sometimes predictable, leather-goods brand, Longchamp, which she has previously represented in ad campaigns.

Le Pilage Coin Purse, Le Pilage Handbag, Le Pilage Travel bag

Le Pilage Coin Purse, $42Le Pilage Handbag, $98Le Pilage Travel bag, $155


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Besides the more conventional Le Pilage bag, Longchamp has expanded its horizon with more daring bags with contemporary shapes and styles like the Cosmos Tote bag with a perfect mixture of white and black tones, or the bright violet Boheme Handbag.


Cosmos Tote Bag

Cosmos Tote Bag, $685

Boheme Handbag 

Boheme Handbag, $358


The Le Pilage bag is what my grandmother would get me for my birthday present, and I would exchange it with the Cosmos tote or Boheme handbag.

With a young, edgy creator like Kate Moss behind the designs, we might actually get some fresh pizzazz and eye-widening bags.

No sketches or images of the line have yet been revealed, but according to NY Magazine, the pieces will be emerging come February.

Check out Longchamp’s already existent bags. Something new you’d like to see?

Source: NY Mag

Photo Source: Longchamp.com, StyleFrizz

-Heather Youkhana

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  1. My first “designer” handbag was a Longchamp. I love it and still have it, though I’ve passed it on to my sister. The high quality and interesting designs fit in great with my professional lifestyle. I say, good for Longchamp!


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