Happy Easter Weekend From Fountain Of 30

We hope you have a wonderful Easter (and Passover) weekend!  Easter reminds us that spring is here and it’s time for renewal. It’s also time to start decorating (yourself, that is)! So start planning your spring wardrobe. We will help you do it with the top 10 trends from Spring Fashion Week 2019 we selected for women over 40.

1. Menswear Suiting

2. Bermuda Shorts


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3. Vests

4. Puff Sleeves

5. 80s Shoulders

6. White Dresses

7. Shiny Satin

8. Modern Tench

9. Big Evening Wear

10. Intense Color

We also picked some of the top 10 spring pieces that you can get/shop now!

–Lauren and Carol

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