Donna Karan's New Casual Luxe Line Bridges the Gap between Style and Comfort

Donna Karan's Casual Luxe Line

Donna Karan has long been an example of the luxury fashion label designed by a woman for a woman. Her impeccable tailoring, lavish draping and gorgeous details have been making women feel at their best for almost three decades. And now, she's solved the age old riddle of how one looks good and is comfortable as well. Up until now, it was only an urban fashion myth when a celebrity would choke out on a red carpet that we was surprisingly comfortable in her skintight column gown. Yeah, right.

But we trust Karan's ideas above most others so when she says that her new 7 piece line called Donna Karan Casual Luxe is the epitome of both style and comfort, we're going to believe her. The collection includes a stretch pant, stretch skirt, a t-shirt, an over-sized sweater, and a vest in everything from breathable cottons to soft leathers. The easy pieces were created for layering over each other or just to "throw on" when you're out and about town and want to look chic but still, god forbid,  breath easily. Many lines have supposedly thrown down the gauntlet in creating comfortable high end clothing, but it has often resulted in drab and shapeless silhouettes that you wouldn't be caught dead around your apartment much less to a happy hour. But this, judging from these uber-chic pictures, is a different story. And why wouldn't it be? It's Donna Karan after all.


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-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: Refinery 29

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