Dolce & Gabbana's Mind-Blowing Alta Moda in Capri, Italy

This past weekend designer duo, Dolce & Gabbana gathered around 200 press people and clients in a cove guarded by the towering rocks of Capri to watch their latest Alta Moda show, a love letter to their home country, Italy.
Small boats ferried guests on to a beach to make their away along a rocky path to the small bay next door. The setting was a Fellini film come to life as the audience, requested to dress in La Dolce Vita style, clambered across the rocks in ball gowns and embellished corsets, floral opera coats and lace sheaths.
During the show, there were a series of theatrical ball gowns, the hand painted stripes of their enormous skirts flowing from tight velvet bodices. The models were lifted in their extravagant finery from small boats, making their way through the audience.
The first few looks appeared from a flight of wooden stairs. One model wore a hooded fur cape with fur boots accessorized with a bra top and high-waisted pants made out of crystals. Dolce and Gabbana left us in no doubt as to where they found their inspiration. They plundered the iconography of the island as well as revisiting many of their previous favorite Italian motifs.
The yellows and blues of the local ceramics were featured on ball gowns and bodices, along with luscious citrus fruits, and the curved handles of ancient amphorae and the regatta stripes of the sea. The caves and cliffs and coastline were woven in silk and picked out in sequins, while fur was introduced throughout, in yeti-style boots and hoods but also shaved and dyed into tunic tops and evening dresses. It was a reminder that although the show was on the holiday isle of Capri in high summer, the clothes will be ordered for the coming autumn. D&G has done it again, I’ll say.
Check out this amazing footage from the show.

– Jaleesa Key

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