DIY Fashion: Turn a Long Robe Into a Short Kimono Jacket

I turned this beautiful long silk robe by CFDA {FASHION INCUBATOR} designer A Peace Treaty into a short kimono-style jacket. This is a simple styling trick and the good news is you won’t have to cut up your robe!  You will always have the option to wear your robe multiple ways, both long or short.
1. Start with a lightweight belted robe in silk, satin or rayon.
2. Tie the belt securely around your waist. I kept mine in the belt loops, but it will work without using belt loops loops, too.
3. Pull the fabric of the robe up from above the tied belt  to the length you desire. A good length is somewhere above the knees to look more like a jacket or top.
4. Now what do you do with the extra overhanging fabric above the belt? Tie the 2 sides of fabric at the lapels together, and then into a knot so it is secure.
5. Adjust the belt around the knot for a flattering fit.
Now you have a new way to wear your robe – as a fashionable (and on trend) kimono!
– Carol Calacci
Read more about A Peace Treaty’s handmade silk robe designed exclusively for the W Hotels of Chicago, available online at W Hotels The Store.

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