Diego Versus Armani

There is a brawl going on in the world of high fashion! Place your bets: it’s Diego Della Valle versus Giorgio Armani!
At a luxury conference in New York yesterday, Tod’s chairman and chief executive officer Diego Della Valle took on Giorgio Armani over the designer’s criticism last week against Prada and its decision to go public. After his men’s show last week, Armani contended that houses such as Prada and Dolce & Gabbana make men look ridiculous and blamed the press for not being more critical about clownish styles that men don’t wear. One reason, he said, is that “fashion today is in the hands of the banks and of the stock market and not of their owners,” stressing how he doesn’t need to do an IPO because his company is independent and doesn’t have any debt, and that his clothes make men look more handsome and elegant.
“That kind of attack does not make any sense, and it was the least opportune moment,” said Della Valle of Armani’s comments. “[Prada’s listing] was a beautiful operation, with global visibility… Rather than criticizing Prada’s strategies, Armani should do the same thing, invest in the territory, as I did in Rome, contributing to the restoration of the Colosseum. In a moment of crisis, it’s important to be part of a team, and it’s our duty to give a signal, not waste time in useless attacks.” And then the final blow? Della Valle hinted that at Armani’s age, he is not capable of making rational decisions. Me-ow. Armani declined to comment.
Well, the ball’s in your court now, Mr. Armani.
-Taneisha Jordan
Source; Photos: WWD

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