Diane von Furstenberg: A Family Affair

Old school Diane

Diane von Furstenberg is not only an iconic designer but is known also for her somewhat unusual family and strange scandals. She recently sat down with Page Six Magazine to talk about the recent transgressions and the future of the von Furstenberg name.


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Earlier last summer, von Furstenberg's son Alexander found himself in the middle of a scandal. His fiancee, Ali Kay, had allegedly been caught "sext-ing" former NBA basketball star, Reggie Miller. Furstenberg explains how though the incident is devastating to Alex, he and Ali Kay worked through because they are "madly in love with each other." 


Alexander von Furstenberg and Ali Kay at the DVF Spring RTW 2010

Even with this drama, the couple still plans to get married as they start their third year of engagement. “Commitment and marriage are two different things," Diane explained. "I’ve never seen a couple that are so right for each other as Ali and Alex, but I’m not a big wedding planner or marriage person.  Weddings make me nervous.” When Diane married her first husband Prince Egon of Furstenberg, there had been some apprehensions in the groom's family because of Diane's religion. When Diane married, she was named royalty and became Princess Diane of Furstenberg.

The von Furstenberg family is a major part of Diane's business, no matter what happens. The multimillion dollar advertisement campaign recently introduced her future daughter-in-law, Ali Kay, as the new face of the brand, despite the scandal. 

In a lot of ways, I see A.K. (Ali Kay) in me… I identify with her—the way she looks, the way she is with a very attractive man at a young age and tries to keep up with him. She’s unsophisticated and very pretty and was thrown into a world the way I was thrown into a world like that.” 

Ali Kay for DVF, shot by Diane von Furstenberg 

Even though the von Furstenberg name has had a few scandals in the past few years, Diane believes that the business will flourish with her family's help nonetheless. “My business is a family business. I hope my grandchildren will take over.  I’ll keep it going for them. They can start interning soon. It’s in their genes. They’re already interested in fashion.”

Well, at least she can say that they won't end up like the Guccis…

-Taneisha Jordan

Source: pagesix.com, nytimes.com

Photos: pagesix.com, style.com, dijonhk.com

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