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A true fashion dilemma: To wear or not to wear a designers’ piece to their fashion shows and/or other fashionable soirees. For Chicago designer, Vika Brown, the answer has to be wear it, and that’s what many of the attendees did during Vika Brown’s grand opening party for her store, Eclectica. New and old fans of Vika Brown bustled into her new shop wearing Vika’s unforgettable pieces, the most popular being her short black wool sweater coat that several girls showed up wearing.

We counted three party-goers wearing the Vika Sweater Coat


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"The Wool Sweater Coat" and other Vika Designs

Located on Armitage Avenue in Chicago, the shop is nestled in the garden level space along one of Chicago’s gotta shop neighborhoods. Though easy enough to pass by, you won’t want to miss all the great finds Eclectica has to offer. Not only will you discover Vika Brown’s current collection, which is made up of luxurious fabrics in jewel tone colors, but you will also find the timelessly classic designs of Orlando Espinoza and the to-die-for handbags created by Diego Rocha. With the selection mostly limited to these three designers, Eclectica has created a shopping environment for women who are looking for unique and quality clothing. As for the store itself, the stone encrusted walls paired with the warm tones coming from the wood flooring create a cozy atmosphere for Eclectica that encourages women to shop and relax. Eclectica’s welcome milieu is only slightly over shadowed by Vika herself, who, during the opening, made sure that everyone was comfortable and enjoying their time in her shop. 

1006 West Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL

You can also find many of Vika’s great pieces online at

— Bonnie J. Brown

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