Designer News. Michael Kors Expands His Celebrity.


As the anticipation for fall television builds (can you imagine, a whole season of good TV not interrupted by a writers’ strike!?), here’s something that can add to the excitement. Classic American designer and witty Project Runway judge Michael Kors will guest-star on Gossip Girl. As if the show wasn’t becoming a cult hit and a growing style influence quickly enough, it’s co-opting the cachet of Mr. Kors!

Our guess would have been that Kors will show up at a Waldorf party, as one of
Blair‘s Mom’s friends. Since the elder of the Waldorf women is a famous
American designer in her own right, it seemed that would be the most plausible explanation. And as the characters are spending the summer in The Hamptons, maybe they could’ve run into him there. But instead, it looks like there will be a Fashion Week-themed episode, which would be far-fetched for the show, if it wasn’t so ridiculous (-ly awesome) already.

This episode will be a fun job for the show’s stylist anyway– it seems Gossip Girl is attempting to launch its own wardrobe man to Patricia Field status.

But after all, as The Cut points out, Michael Kors doesn’t really look so out of place, does he?


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