Designer Finds While Thrifting!

Ladies, the fashion gods were smiling down at me yesterday! While dropping off some of my clothing donations to the Salvation Army; I found the most amazing finds! First being two pairs of Stuart Weitzman heels ($22 for both), a Salvatore Farragamo ankle boot ($8), a bow-tie slingback from Talbots ($10), and a Coach Laptop bag ($50) in a saddle brown. The absolute haul of the century! Would you have believed that every piece that I bought was in either mint or gently used condition?

Believe it because it's true and I got everything for a real steal. I had to rub my eyes and rescan my receipt a few times to believe my good fortune. Would you have dreamed that I paid a mere $95 for all my new lovely pieces?

Not only were the prices great but so were the staff. They were unbelievably helpful and they even saw my penchant for designer duds so they asked for my size and brought me a ton of other choices. I pretty much bought everything they brought me and then some.


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I haven't had a good haul like this in years and I've been doing this for quite some time. It might have been a fashion anomaly for this one visit to be this superb but I've already planned my next trip in a few weeks! 

So throw some of your gently used clothes in a bag and head to this Salvation Army in Skokie. Its a great way to do some good while shopping and also walk away with some killer pieces for yourself at a fraction of the price. If you're feeling extra charitable, please to save your good old friend Yen a designer name or two!

-Yen Le

Photo: Second City Style


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