Designer Dish. Carolina Herrera Becomes a U.S. Citizen.


Carolina Herrera

Venezuelan born designer Carolina Herrera, legend for her exquisitely feminine designs and adorable accent, became an official U.S. citizen on Friday after 28 years of residing in the U.S. “I have been here for many years, and I love this country very much," the designer said following her naturalization oath ceremony. "I love New York and everything about America. It was very emotional for me.” Over the past month, amidst the madness of Fashion Week, Herrera brushed up on her American history for the naturalization exam that all prospective citizens need to pass. Herrera told WWD that she had plenty of time to quiz her team (as opposed to be quizzed herself) during the long days and nights leading up to show season, and that more often than not, the lack of historical knowledge was surprising. “I told them, ‘With this test, you would never become a citizen,’” she said. “Now I know more than they do.” As emotional as the swearing in ceremony was last week at the U.S. District Court Southern District, Herrera claimed she had thought it would be quite different. “I thought there would be people there waving little American flags and at the end everyone would sing ‘America the Beautiful,’ but it was very businesslike." With Herrera's influence, especially now that she's a citizen, chances are she could very well get the rules changed. Congratulations!


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Article Source: WWD
Photo Source: Greenfield-Sanders
-Alia Rajput

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