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Cover up

Sat, 2006-08-12 18:00

No, it’s not time for fall yet, but sometimes it sure is cold

Andra Naylor


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Although summer in Chicago is a mere three months long, most of us sit in icebox offices all day long, shivering in our seats. Personally, I hate it.

I wait all winter long for warm temperatures and the sun to warm my skin and then the AC at work is set to 65 degrees, blasting frigid air into an already stale environment. What I really want to do is throw open the windows, let the warm breeze in and wear lightweight James Perse tanks all summer long.

Recently, a friend had the fab idea of writing an article on cool cover ups that will keep the goose bumps away, without making you dress like its January.

Big on sleeves?
Try this roomy kimono sweater from Karoo by Mark Eisen for $396 on Eisen is also designing a collection for Wal-Mart and I’m guessing it’s a bit more affordable.

Stripes go with anything
Here’s another great look from Shopbop. Why not? The site just announced free ground shipping on all purchases! Vince Striped cardigan sweater with hood for $285. A little pricey? Leave at work and you’ll find you wear it all summer long.

Warm up to pattern
Brighten up your outfit with this Sundial 1-button jacket by fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg. $229.99 at

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