Neat Idea. Don't Let Your Pants Drag with 'Cityclips'

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One of the greater annoyances in life is having to hoof around town with your pants dragging. Worse yet, suffering in silence in heels when you are just too tired to do the stiletto balancing act anymore. Most of my pants are hemmed for heels, but that Cityclips - image 4 doesn't help when I want to throw on a pair of flats. Now along comes "cityclips," to the rescue. cityclips are a fashion accessory designed to be worn on pant cuffs to temporarily shorten the length of pants and protect them from dragging on gritty city streets. As essential to the work-week commute as your morning latte, ipod, and ballet flats, cityclips are both practical and fashionable.

cityclips protect pants from wear and tear and prolong the life of your expensive slacks. Genius! There are some other companies that make them, but none are as cute as these!


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Handmade in New York City, using only high-end materials, cityclips are the brainchild of a Manhattanite fashionista who ruined one to many pairs of expensive pants walking or taking the subway to work.

cityclips use super strong magnets, surrounded by fabric that acts as a sling, to hold up pant cuffs. Expertly made of thick wool similar to suit pants or denim, cityclips are available in sets of four either plain or decorated with fun, whimsical buttons such as rhinestone brooches and vintage 14 ct. gold buttons. 

There are 16 styles to chose from ranging in price from $30-$35. There are even replacements should you lose one.

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