Cheap Chic. For Costume Jewelry Try Avon

Avon Bejeweled Multirow Ring in Berry, Teal, Clear, Grape, and Caramel

I admit, I have not ordered anything form Avon since I was little girl…although I hear some of their new anti-aging skincare is pretty good these days. So I had no idea Avon sold anything besides beauty. Apparently over the past few seasons, Avon has transformed their Fashion & Accessories Collections to be more on trend and they now offer of-the-moment styles at an extremely affordable price. Read…super inexpensive.

Are you in need of a cheap, mid-winter pick-me-up and have already bought every color polish Essie makes (like I have)? Avon's Winter Collection has some trendy pieces to help you update your look without spending very much. For example, I love the Bejeweled Multirow Ring (see above) and matching bangle bracelets. The Ladies' Sparkling Chronograph Look Watch is unbeatable for the price. Now I admit I am a bit of a snob, but everything is under $30!


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There are even some necklaces and earrings designed for Avon by Kenneth Jay Lane.

Avon Kenneth Jay Lane Jeweltone Statement Necklace 

Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

Avon Kenneth Jay Lane Jeweltone Statement Earrings   

Kenneth Jay Lane earrings

Avon Sparkling Chronograph Watch

Ladies' Sparkling Chronograph Look Watch

Avon Bejeweled Stackable Bangel Bracelet in Berry

Bejeweled Bangle Bracelet

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