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I’m fortunate to have a great friend in New York City. She knew I was in town for Fashion Week and invited me to the Ciroc Vodka Fashion Week party at the Prada Store Friday, September 7th. I was picturing a large boutique party with people dressed in black, the personnel speaking Italian, and sipping the vodka out of modern glasses with hors d’oeuvres being passed.

Instead, we had to cut through a line in the back of what appeared to be an alley, with a night club scene with ropes and bouncers staving off the crowd. The Prada Store did have plenty of vodka drinks, but it was not a store. Instead it was a huge opened loft, with rooms, staircases and cat walks. A huge disco mirror shaped like a skull hung down in front of a stage. (The $100 million Damien Hirst skull!) The place was crawling with an A-List crowd.

Thanks again to my friend, we got seats midway in front of the stage. "A British band, Hours, is playing," was the word. As we look a few rows down below us, there was Gina Gershon, with her hair up, wearing a simple black silk dress with trumpet sleeves. The band was just about to take the stage, and in walked Steven Tyler, with his wife, and Jeremy Piven. They were both in town for Fashion Rocks the night before. Fashion Rocks was being televised as we were watching Tyler and Piven below us. I recognized some faces of some of the runway models I had seen earlier that day at Bryant Park. A final sighting was Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, whoever is blond right now. She was up on the catwalk and then suddenly vanished.


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The reason I didn’t see what the Olsen twin was wearing was because I was taking this picture of Piven.

The stage at the Prada Store with the band Hours playing.

— Carol Calacci

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