Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2010



John Galliano reintroduces the oldies warzone gear for women’s fashion. With the olive green shades and hard caps, this collection exemplifies a feministic, battlefield wardrobe.

The structured yet flirty suits, along with the feather and ruffle accented dresses, creates this sense of irresistible seduction. Touch a long cigarette holder to a pair of glossy red lips and we’ve traveled to the past.

Galliano incorporated major trend-setting accents all into a theme I don’t mind revisiting. Reinventing the past is a key underlying theme of fashion.

This was my favorite look from the collection. The fitted jacket with a crop-at-the-waist belt, peek-a-boo ruffles and thigh-high socks all send off an Australian theme. The bizarre Australian style always keeps me eyes captive with its harsh and soft combination of fabrics and colors.

Story/Photo Source: WWD

—Heather Youkhana

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