Chicago Fashion Incubator at Macy's Window Display Fashion Show

Chicago Fashion Incubator Designers, Macy's State Street On September 12 and 13, Macy’s on State Street displayed live fashion shows at 10am, 12pm and 4pm. The fashion show was in the store windows on the corner of Randolph and State allowing pedestrians and fashionistas the chance to watch live models as they were strolled along the Chicago streets. The Chicago Fashion Incubator (CFI) was founded in 2008 and with the help of the City of Chicago gives young emerging fashion designers the chance to advance to the next level in their fashion careers.
Alyssa Kristin, Chicago Fashion Incubator
Designs by Alyssa Kristin
  Participating in the Macy’s fashion show were designers: Olivia Hwang, Lee-Lim, Alyssa Kristin, Lagi Nadeau, Shelby Steiner and Agnes Hamerlik. The non-profit organization gave these six designers a two year residency and were mentored, given office space and a platform to create and showcase their collections. The show was  refreshing and like nothing I’ve seen before! Each designer brought a different fashion background to the show presenting viewers with six unique collections.
Shelby Steiner collection, Macy's
Pieces from Shelby Steiner’s collection
Olivia Hwang is known for her bridal gowns with traditional yet out-of-the box looks. Lee-Lim puts together both whimsical fantasy and a great deal of detailing in the design of her bridal gowns. Alyssa Kristin gives every girl the chance to look elegant and chic with an effortless style. Shelby Steiner brought a few edgier designs to the show.
Designs by Lagi Nadeau
Designs by Lagi Nadeau
  Agnes Hamerlik showed softness and intricate draping and embellishment in her pieces. Designer Lagi Nadeau created garments I could imagine walking the streets in Chicago, and also gracing the cover of Vogue. We had a chance to talk to Lagi Nadeau about her collection and design process. She said she was inspired by “A mixture of things, but mainly from an art piece, Johnny Warangkula Tjupurrula’s painting Water Dreaming with Rain and Lightning. It has a lot of jewel tone colors with a dot process laid over the painting. So I think using that as my color inspiration and the texture in the painting really kind of formed the fabrics of this season. From there I just envisioned different silhouettes based on the fabrics.” Just like any designer or fashionista who can’t keep their eyes of the runway at New York Fashion Week, it’s the same for Lagi who explains how she is attracted to designers who have a feminine feel but at the same time have elements that bring an edge to the garments. She also makes a point to look for high quality luxury fabrics. As for what is next for Nadeau she says, “Well I’m now starting to form my inspiration, it’s kind of crazy but I’m starting to think about fall 2015. I feel like ‘what year is it?’ I’m now starting to form my inspiration and the way that I do that is on my road trip for sales this week. I’m going to stop at different museums in D.C. and New York. In Chicago there are so many great inspirational museums… I think from there I’ll just keep an eye out for what speaks to me and then start my mood board.” We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all six designers and the collections that follow them. –Rachel Bogo Photos: Second City Style

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