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Another standout opening in Chicago last week was none other than the brand new boutique of European jewelry brand, Pomellato. Marking our beloved city as its third U.S. outpost, the glittering gem brand partnered up with Women's Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo to fete the new boutique at 41 East Oak St. Pomellato comes to Chicago with a serious cult following that includes everyone from celebs like Cameron Diaz, Madonna and Sophia Coppola to loyalists from its home-base of Milan to fans in New York and Miami, the other two American cities with Pomellato boutiques. With such a reputation, I was excited to find out more about this highly-anticipated fine jewelry house. 


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After perusing the breathtaking assortment of delicate cuffs, necklaces and rings (oh, the rings!), I was fortunate to bump into Veronique Beraud, Head of the Pomellato Press Office in Milan. She was kind of enough to take me on a walk-through of the boutique that was so dazzling, I couldn't believe my eyes!


She started off by explaining the design of the boutique space, which was in step with the European outposts which all featured the same beige shantung panels on the walls and dark marble counter-tops. An element that was unique to the Chicago space was the inclusion of mirrored panels interwoven with the beige shantung. The mirrors, which grabbed the light beautifully and played it off the displays, was also seen in the highly reflective ceiling of the corridor and patterned alcove where the ceiling sloped down. Each of these features was exclusive to the Chicago store and gave off the effect of a sparkling wonderland.


Rose gold cuff and ring in the Cocco collection

The jewels themselves were delicately placed in display boxes of various height, and laid out in glass cases or on the black marble counter-tops. The front of the store featured the ready to wear pieces, many of which glimmered subtly in the Pomellato signature metal—rose gold. Beraud explained that the brand has always had an affection for rose gold due to its warmth and romance and its versatility with just about any stone. Another commonality seen in the Pomellato pieces is the whimsical domed shape, carefully crafted from both metal and stone and seen in many of the statement rings. But arguably, the most trademark Pomellato feature is their affinity for vibrant, candy-colored cabochons that make every handmade piece a delicious confection. I was very literally a kid in a candy store!


Domed rings in moonstone and quartz

The collection of showstopping rings

The highlight of the grand opening was the collection of one of a kind, couture rings that travels around the world and made special stop over in Chicago for the event. Boasting elaborate settings, many of which sported the signature dome shape, the rings were beyond anything I had ever seen before. Some featured a setting commonly found in Indian jewelry with intricate stone groupings on the sides, while others showcased a staggering center precious stone with diamonds laden all around. A veritable rainbow of colors was represented as the rings flashed emerald, ruby and sapphire tones. It was truly amazing to see. And I enjoyed watching the jewelers carefully pull on their display gloves to show guests the glittering wares up close.


At the end of the evening, I was incredibly grateful to have been a part of this epic event, a truly unique jewelry brand making a new home in Chicago. And while the one of a kind couture pieces may be slightly out of my price range (they averaged between 70 to $80,000), the ready to wear collection was elegant, wearable and actually attainable for the jewelry lover like myself. Just in time for the holidays, this is definitely a new addition that you will want to see for yourself.

Visit the new Pomellato boutique at 41 East Oak St. or see the collections online at

Me with Head of the Pomellato Press Office in Milan (and my gracious host for the evening!) Veronique Beraud

Photos: Monique Jones Public Relations

-Alia Rajput


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