Chicago Events. Christian Siriano Visits Neiman Marcus

Siriano showing off the dress Heidi Klum wore to the Emmy's
Christian Siriano was at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue on Monday to show pieces from his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. “We just brought in a few pieces, a little representation [of the collection],” Siriano said when speaking of the pieces he brought to the trunk show.
Pieces from the collection (Siriano's favorite white blouse)!
“Some of these pieces that are in the oyster tones were really inspired by oysters and barnacles of the sea,” he explained of the pieces in the dark grey-ish color. “They were inspired by the coral reef and the different types of textures. All of the wire references and all the details and a lot of work.” Pointing out the chartreuse color, he talked about how he used it more in this collection than others. “I brought this back. I only used a little bit my very first season and I didn’t get to explore a lot with it so this season. I really wanted to use it.” Many of the pieces exuded a hard and soft feel that was even better seen close up than on a runway. “The texture and all those things… they’re fun. All the gowns, a lot of different women can wear them but they are all in the same collection.” Though the pieces look almost like couture, he assured us that they are ready-to-wear. “These are some of the pieces that are selling the most. We sell them and women wear them,” he continued. “It’s great! Everyone can wear my dresses…they can go from young to old!”
Siriano and I (please ignore our height difference!)
If you need a little refresher, you can check out our coverage of Siriano’s NY Fashion Show! – Taneisha Jordan Photos: SCS

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