Chicago Events. 'A Fine Day of Beauty' With Celebrity Makeup Artist Sam Fine!


Second City Style caught up with celebrity makeup artist, Sam Fine over the weekend during the promotional tour for his new DVD, 'FINE: The Basics of Beauty.' Fine is one of the beauty industries most sought after makeup artists for women of color including the likes of Tyra Banks, Patti Labelle, Vanessa Williams, Iman, and a host of other well noted superstars. Fine noted that he saw a need for education and technique in applying makeup, which inspired him to create a DVD. Studies have shown that African American cosmetic consumers generally have the most difficult time finding products and makeup shades that are most suited for their skin tones. Fine explains that his new DVD serves as not only a step-by-step guide for makeup application, but it also sends the message that "Women of color have a place (with cosmetic selections) yet, it will never be solely about the product. Its how you use the product that makes the biggest difference."

During his event, 'A Fine Day of Beauty with Sam Fine', hosted by Brushes by Viola, Fine revealed some of his most favorite products and cosmetic lines, which includes a mixture of drugstore and luxury high-end cosmetic brands. He loves the stick foundation by Black Opal, adding that there is no such thing as wearing too much makeup. "More is more. You put it on to stay on." He also loves products by Bobbi Brown, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehls, and Cover Girl Queen Collection by Queen Latifah. During the Q & A session, many women (including myself) expressed concerns about their makeup not lasting throughout the day and what specific techniques can be applied to prevent the dreaded 'melted' appearance. Some women were in for a surprise when Fine compared makeup application to cooking techniques. "When you cook, you mix all of your ingredients together to achieve a beautifully baked product. Applying makeup is no different." It makes tons of sense when you think out the steps (or lack of) that you take when you apply your makeup daily!

Sam and Jada
Sam Fine and Jada Russell of High Style Marketing


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Sam and DVD
Sam Fine sign's DVD for his biggest fans.

Sam and Reggie
Sam Fine talks with Reggie Wells, Oprah's Makeup Artist!

Ladies with Sam Fine
Deborah O. Brown, Zondra Hughes, Viola Nicholson, Sam Fine, Lisa Banks, Jada Russell

Sam fine and model 
Live Makeup Demonstration with model, Gina Marie Powell


The event concluded with a live makeup demonstration that included proper ways to conceal, foundation application, eyelash attachment, eyebrow maintenance, and types of brushes to use. Did you know that it's a great idea to tissue paper off your liquid foundation AFTER you apply it to your entire face? The look is absolutely gorgeous! Don't forget to add powder! I know, some you may think it's an unnecessary step, it truly does make the biggest difference. Fine offers, "Powder is like a top coat of nail polish. Once you apply, it's a wrap."

You can purchase Sam Fine's DVD online here.

– Nicole L. Townsend

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