Chicago Event: Nordstrom Michigan Avenue Hosts Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff meets Chicago customers at Nordstrom Michigan Avenue.
The first floor of Nordstrom Michigan Avenue was buzzing last evening. Appetizers and drinks were served as women lined up to meet Rebecca Minkoff in person, and to have her sign their handbags!
Rebecca Minkoff Shopping Party at Nordstrom
“This started organically,” Rebecca told me before the event. “Someone once asked if I would sign her handbag, and now I sign women’s handbags wherever I go.” I first met Rebecca Minkoff about 5 years ago, when she was only known for her handbags. Now, with marriage, a baby boy, an apparel line and with even more accessories under her belt (including sunglasses and shoes) Rebecca Minkoff has become a full blown designer brand. She is still very sweet and grounded, and loaded with energy. SCS:  A lot has changed since we first met you. Now that you have a family, do you design things any differently? RM: I do think about shoulder straps and carrying bags, but I won’t change something to be mommy friendly if it effects the style! SCS:  It started with handbags, but did you always want to design apparel first? Or was it apparel first and then the handbags took off? RM: I always wanted to design apparel, and the handbags took off first. The first apparel collection was in 2009, and we showed at New York Fashion Week for the last 2 seasons. SCS: Can we talk shoes for a minute? I noticed from the start that your shoes look comfortable, with lower heels. I own a pair! Is this something that is important to you personally? RM: I think maybe subconsciously, from walking around New York. But we do have a lot of really high heel shoes, too! SCS: Celebrities love your line, do you think that your California cool aesthetic is a part of it? RM: I’m glad that they support my collection and I think it’s because they really just like it, and yes it may fit in with their lifestyle. SCS: I think that many women in Chicago also like your style and find it is easy to wear. How does your brand do in the Midwest? RM: This store (Nordstrom Michigan Avenue) moves one of the highest volumes! We do very well here. SCS: Do you design for yourself? Do you wear everything in your collection? RM:  I design for me, but it may not always be something that I would wear, but sometimes I design pieces that clients want or I know that somebody would like. As I grow, I never forget the girl the original girl, and I always bring a piece of her along!
Rebecca Minkoff Display at Nordstrom
Rebecca Minkoff Clutch Speakers – yes – blue tooth speakers that are portable and stylish.
Models Wearing Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2013 at Nordstrom in Chicago.
Sunglasses and nifty cases.
I had Rebecca Minkoff sign my bag, too!
Shop Rebecca Minkoff at Nordstrom – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style  

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