Chicago Event. Midwest Anti-Aging Center Opens in Water Tower Place


Ribbon Cutting: Dr. Khaja Asadullah M.D., Dr. Ayesha Akbar M.D., John Chikow, (CEO of Greater North Michigan Avenue Association) and Zeenat Desai (AZK)

Like women everywhere, we're always interested in things that could help us to look younger, slimmer, or both. Therefore, we were intrigued by the recent opening of the Midwest Anti-Aging Center in the Water Tower Mall on Michigan Avenue (they already have a location in suburban Frankfort).

The clinic itself offers a variety of procedures, from Botox and Restylane to liposuction to homeopathic Human Chorionic Gonadotropin weight-loss therapy; in fact, they even had some of their successful patients visit the opening to share their positive results with HCG. The in-person testimonials were quite impressive (the women had lost 25-30 pounds in several weeks, and kept the weight off for at least one year)

Founders and co-owners Dr. Ayesha Akbar and Dr. Khaja Asadullah have a simple, straightforward philosophy — they "believe that anti-aging is advanced preventative health care, and (they) treat it as such".

The clinic is located at 845 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 930E, or you can visit their website at

—Jacqueline Zenn


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  1. The anti-aging army is now conquering more places. I would not be surprised, coz’ most people now always want to look good, fresh and young. Even if aging is inevitable, we still find ways to at least look younger, and do things that makes us feel youthful.


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