Checking Out Films and Fashion with Isaac Mizrahi

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When Isaac Mizrahi hit Target in 2002, women around the country fell in love. He was one of the first high-end designers to call attention to fashion at mass-market retailers, and when he announced his departure, many mourned. Fortunately, his transition to Liz Claiborne keeps his fab designs accessible to everyone.

A wellspring of creativity, Mizrahi's innovation isn't limited to clothing. We recently had the chance to view three mock-umentary film shorts featuring backstage footage from the Liz Claiborne Fall '09 ad campaign (above). Just like the designer himself, they were playful, cheeky and full of life, and added a fun new twist to fashion campaigns.

All three shorts–The Gardens, Trains & Buses and Supermarkets & Movie Theaters–are on YouTube now (Trains & Buses is my favorite) or you can see Isaac talking about his inspiration behind the fall collection for Liz Claiborne (hint: flappers and lumberjacks!) here.

P.S. Mizrahi's love of color isn't limited to fabric. Check out the toenail polish he sported at the event!
Isaac toes

–Becky Ellis

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