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I had so much fun with the previous four that I thought it was time to do it again. One wore it better than the other, let’s see who and more importantly why. The lessons should not be lost on us.

Dolce & Gabbana Dress: Ashley Judd wore open-toed sandals while Alyssa Milano went with a simple black pump.

Winner: This is a tough one. They both look great in the dress, however, I am going to go with Alyssa because I like her shoe choice better and she rocks the frock a little bit better.


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Cynthia Rowley Dress: Hayden Panettiere wore the dress with metallic sandals while Candace Bushnell paired her dress with matching shoes and a cardigan.

Winner: Truth be told, I’m not crazy about this dress. However, the clear winner is Hayden. I like her shoe choice better and the small matching clutch is a great compliment. Candace on the other hand, looks like a granny in the sweater, not to mention her shoes are the same color as the dress. Unless you are a bridesmaid, I don’t recommend matchy-matchy shoes. Lastly, I still don’t believe that is Candace. I’m still shocked.

Biba Tunic: Jennifer Lopez went total sparkly glam with a matching turban silver bag and light boots. Jemima Khan chose black tights and patent shoes.

Winner: Neither. This frock would be perfect with jeans, especially at the length JLo has hers hemmed. However, she losses for wearing a matching turban. Jemima just does not carry this off and looks entirely uncomfortable, not to mention stiff. Jeans and loose, flowing hair would have worked better and would have looked less severe.


Tracy Reese Dress: Eva Longoria chose magenta and a black clutch. Vanessa Minnillo paired her blue version with black pumps.

Winner: While I love that both look great in the colors they chose, Eva looked just that much better. First, I like her open-toe shoe choice better. It softens the dress. Eva also had hers shortened so that it feel perfectly and made her longer. It seems to me  Vanessa rarely has her clothes properly fitted.

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