Celebrity Workout Style: Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Mila Kunis, and Elisabetta Canalis

Ever wondered how a celebrity could possibly be fashionable in the gym? It’s hard, but they manage! Kelly Osbourne says she used to wear makeup everyday to workout because she was so self-conscious about doing it.  Cameron Diaz is forever seen in sports bras.  Kristen Cavallari makes even spandex look good.
Last month, I beefed up my gym schedule. I would go everyday for at least an hour.  The problem was that more often then not, I would see men at that gym, not women. For some reason, it was one of those gyms where guys loved to show off their muscles.  And there I was feeling insecure.  Do I go in full makeup? Do I sex up my gym outfit to appeal to them? Do I go in crappy sweats? It IS the gym after all. What do I wear?
I thought about what celebrities would be wearing and things seemed to get a little clearer.
All Black and Spandex
Kim Kardashian works out religiously, but she’s not the skinniest mini on the block.  That’s why many of us can take a lesson or two from this reality star and wear what she often wears to the gym – something tight but easy to work out in – the ever so popular all black and spandex combo. What’s so great about this stylish combination? Well, it’s tight but functional for the gym and still hides flaws.
For exactly what you want without the brand name or overpriced prices, try Athleta where slim Supplex Ankle Leggings are just $34 and a black Victory Top is now just $29.
Color Tops
Sometimes the only thing that will spice up your work out routine is a pop of color to make you feel better. That’s why stars like Ashley Tisdale add bright spots to their gym wardrobe like red, white, and in Tisdale’s case, a purple Blue life tank with a yellow top and red cap. Gap tanks are fashionable, sporty, and just comfortable enough to wear to the gym without looking overdressed.  Get one in a color that commands attention and brightens your day like an Ombre Racerback Tank in Turquoise or Yellow.
The Zip-Up
Working out outside is hard work so the celebrity fashionista definitely wants to reward herself with something that is comfortable but stylish and appropriate for the weather.  That’s where the zip-up comes in.  It’s the great jacket alternative for colder months, it conforms well to the body and it’s not going to make you feel like you’re wearing a burlap bag. It’s also a fashionable throwback to an old school era. Mila Kunis livens hers up with aviators and a white tank peeking out underneath.
When we think zip-up, we think workout but we also think Nike, Adidas, or Reebok stores. There are other places to get them – like department stores such as Nordstrom (which also sells Nike by the way!) Take a stroll or a run in a Zella “Statement” Jacket from Nordstrom. It comes in a cool purple eggplant color and it’s a moisture wicking fabric that will help keep you dry.
The Sports Bra
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.  Dancing With The Stars contestant Elisabetta Canalis recently wore a sports bra to do her grocery store shopping. Now Elisabetta, with her rock-hard abs, can get away with this. I’m not sure many more other people can.  But the great thing about being a celeb is one can often do what they want and no one will say anything in comparison to normal folks. At the same time, they get overly criticized for every little thing, which common folks do not. The moral of this story – wear a sports bra to the gym if you have what it takes.  You’re not a celeb, but it’s OK to think that you are! And as long as you don’t wear it to the grocery store, no one should really have a problem.
Also from Nordstrom, the Nike “Pro Combat” Sports Bra comes in a really cool print that’s both fashionable and functional at the same time. It’s available for just $34.
1. Supplex Ankle Leggings, $34
2. Victory Top, Now $29
3. Ombre Racerback Tank, $19.95
4. Zella ‘Statement’ Jacket, $98
5. Nike ‘Pro Combat’ Print Bra, $34
—Simona Kogan
Image Layout: Amy Newling
Photos: Kim Kardashian, Ashley Tisdale, Mila Kunis: People.com; Elisabetta Canalis: Huffington Post Celebrity

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