Celebrity Trends. Lovely Liquid Latex.

Don’t try this at home. I repeat don’t try this at home. 

Apparently, in the celeb world…tight tight latex is in for Fall.

Only people like Paris and Nicky and the Olsen twins can really pull off the form fitting shine attire that’s hitting the celeb scene faster then a High School Musical sequel.


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But OK, enough with the jokes, latex is piece of wear that you have to be very careful with–if you have the guts to try it.

Here are some do’s and dont’s for the mega-watt evening look…with celeb models to prove it.

Do: Pair with a billowy top!
Lauren Conrad’s dotted chiffon top accentuates her liquid leggings perfectly, falling over the skin tight pants with ease. She could even (gasp!) pull it off for daytime.  Maybe. The quilted Chanel bag is a nice touch.

Don’t: pair with a corset (Or anything tight for that matter!)
Sure this Olsen twin pulled it off with her Elizabeth and James wardrobe, but do you really have the strength to hold yourself up in two tight pieces at once. We do like the trench, though!

Do: Opt for Black and White
Peaches Geldof "preens" herself just right for a Preen fashion show, pairing a crisp blazer over a casual tee with her liquid leggings, going for the right touch of black meets white without being overpowered by color or toughness. The sequined headband is a nice touch!

Don’t: Go For Ruffles
OK, no! This look is all wrong. It’s a good thing Rihanna was wearing this outfit to one of her own shows, because if I saw her wearing it on the street or even in a club, I would turn and run the other way! Stiletto heels, black police officer’s cap, and those ruffles are big and all over the place. The latex makes it look even more dominatrix! Eek!

Do: Bring Out Your Inner Rocker Chick
I know, I know, it’s Miley Cyrus and we’re certainly not all for looking like a 16-year old teenybopper. But somehow, Miley’s look kinda sorta works! It seems like the latex look can be the least bit bearable when it’s not highly overdone. Mind you, we wouldn’t don the pink beret, but the long tunic-y rocker tee gives it a little street edge without the overstatement-y look of billowy ruffles or frill. We could go for a Ramones tee or the Rolling Stones, ourselves!

Don’t: Hide The Leggings in Prints and Bulk
If you don’t dare to show off the leggings, what’s the point in wearing them anyway? Don’t do what Nicky Hilton did here and hide the leggings in loud prints and lots of layering. The leggings are loud enough as it is!

Photos: People, Wireimage, Fabsugar, Popsugar, News.Alibaba.com

–Simona Kogan

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Trends. Lovely Liquid Latex.”

  1. Your post made me laugh. Loved the Do’s & Don’ts, although I didn’t agree when it came to Lauren’s Do. Quite simply, some people can pull it off and others shouldn’t even try because the results are horrifying!


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