Celebrity Style: Why Leather Moto Jackets Go With Everything

From floral dresses and pencil skirts to formal jumpsuits and skinny jeans. No matter what your style – leather moto jackets go with everything. Just ask Lupita Nyong’o, Olivia Wilde, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Alba and just about every fashionable celeb walking the red carpet today. Whether it’s formal or flashy, laid back or loud, cropped or cutting-edge, finding the right leather jacket is like confecting the perfect icing for your birthday cake. It not only makes your look, but it makes your look better…no matter your age. Let’s take a look at the way some of the world’s most stylish celebs wearing their leather motos. Lupita Nyong’o  Since her explosion on to the scene just a few years ago, Lupita Nyong’o is a fashion star and a knockout, taking risks with ease and making every kind of stylish ensemble look utterly wearable. Adding a leather jacket is no exception, as we already know her wardrobe underneath is a winner. In the photo above, Lupita’s Christian Siriano Spring 2016 Strapless Stripe Jumpsuit should be doing all the talking (and it does) but it’s the leather jacket on top that balances out the look – makes it scream a little less loudly without taking away from the ensemble’s overall coolness. Well done, Lupita, once again. Take Away: Yes, a leather jacket can be worn with prints as long as it adds something to the overall look. Olivia Wilde  Olivia Wilde is a fashion girl after our own heart, often without even trying. There’s something tomboyish about her, but still utterly feminine. That’s why I especially when she throws together (sure looks like she just throws it together effortlessly!) tough meets sweet with a leather jacket over her floral Dorothee Schumacher top and skirt. It totally adds a cool, menswearish vibe to the overall ensemble and is the perfect way to make a dressy look less dressy. For instance, when you want to wear something fancy to that dinner party but everyone else is going casual. I say, “wear it anyway…and throw a leather jacket on top!” Take Away: One of the best ways to wear a leather jacket is to wear it dressy with strappy shoes. Whether the ensemble is print or not, it still adds a toughness to a sweet look. Alessandra Ambrosio  For something ultra-versatile, go for all-over black, including the hat and leather topper. That’s what Alessandra Ambrosio did with her super-cool ensemble – a black and flowy L’Agence dress, stylish hat, and Balmain x H&M leather jacket. At $399, this moto coat is not exactly a steal (well, it is for Balmain), but it certainly oomphs up even the most monochrome of outfits. Those gold buttons really ARE everything. Take Away: Black is the “it” color of the cool girls – just ask Alessandra! But if you’re going to wear a black leather jacket on an already black outfit, make sure there’s something about it that pops – like the color of the buttons or the texture of the coat. Jessica Alba  Once again, Jessica Alba proves casual cool is the way to go. The idea here  – “accessorize and you can totally make an outfit!” From her ankle boots to her layered necklace to her moto jacket, Alba proves that even a casual black and white outfit (complete with flirty skirt) can be revived with the essence of the right jacket. The outfit is now not only casual, but also casual cool. Take Away: Don’t want to wear all your accessories at once? Just throw on the leather jacket – it’s enough to revive even the most boring ensemble. -Simona Shemer Photos: People.com Image Layout: Fountain Of 30