Celebrity Style: The Do's and Don'ts of Celebrity Fashion. Emmanuelle Chiriqui, Ashley Greene, Kendra Wilkenson and More!

Celebrities take risks with their clothing all the time to make a statement. Just ask Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez. Even when they’re not taking risks, they’re making a statement with their clothes. I mean, they are celebs. Everyone is watching them. They must make an impression.
That’s why celebrity style is so important.  It’s written about in all the magazines, on all the pop culture websites and in all the newspapers. That’s why when Lindsay Lohan wears a low-cut open neck button down blouse to court, it doesn’t fly, or when Britney Spears wears leather peep toe booties, we cringe in utter despair.
Due to their status, celebs are afforded the privilege and often, the authority, to guide us in what we wear. So what are they telling us? The bigger question might just be: Which celebs ones are right and which ones are wrong?
Here are some do’s and don’ts of celebrity fashion.
DO: Make a statement in an unusual color, like bright yellow!
Neon colors were all over the place this summer, but yellow always stands out as a unique go-to hue, if you can pull it off. While many celebrities can and HAVE (think Hayden Panettiere, Christina Milian, and just recently, Kim Kardashian), if you’re worried about how wearing such a bold color or how it will play off your skin, why not simply go for yellow accessories to liven your outfit. Emmanuelle Chiriqui recently did just that, emphasizing her outfit with yellow flowers and a scarf, and it totally worked!
DON’T: Wear yellow if it’s going to make you look bad.
Let’s take a look at Katy Perry “trying” to wear the color yellow.  Besides the fact that the top is sheer and lacy in all the wrong places (in my humble opinion, I’m not certain yellow is a color meant for lace), the Elie Saab top has too many details (a bow here, a sheer piece there) and doesn’t look right against Katy’s lavender locks. If she was going for a statement, this singer certainly made one but I’m not sure it was the kind of statement she wanted to make.
DO: Look better than ever post-breakup with boyfriend!
Joe Jonas who? We don’t know if it’s her “vampire blood” or the fact that she’s seeking revenge through a makeover, but since her breakup with the middle Jonas brother, Twilight star Ashley Greene has been looking mighty fine…and mighty stylish.  First, she wore an embroidered print mini with a high collar and Jimmy Choo heels to a Tiffany & Co. event.  In our favorite look thus far from the star, Ashley wore a sheer polka-dot button down and leather skirt by Salvatore Ferragamo at a dinner for its creative director. We’ve never seen her look better!!
DON’T: Walk the streets in gym clothes post-breakup
Then again, maybe we spoke too soon. The Fashion Week favorite has also been seen more than once in a pair of sweat. I have no idea if this is because she was photographed at the gym, or if she’s going to the gym way too much. Whatever the case, girl, if you know you’re going to be photographed (and you know you are,) try wearing something other than a Pink Floyd top, an I Love NY tee or any kind of baggy t-shirt that hides the figure. Even if you’re not being photographed, you should try to look your best as often as possible.
DO: Try wearing prints in a chic way.
Ah, Kendra Wilkenson. Former Playmate. Hue Hefner girlfriend. Not typically the fashionista you’d think of when scouring celeb style for new trends. But she does it quite well with this print dress. Watercolor prints are everywhere and they look good on almost everyone, including Miss Kendra. Prints on a loose dress that hits in all the right places are perfect for summer. You can’t go wrong with them, and Kendra certainly does it right here, adding nude pumps that bring out the neutral parts of the pattern. Kudos!
DON’T: Overdo it on the prints
Can I just say that I love Olivia Palermo. Love her style. Love that she knows how to put clothing together in a way that isn’t typically thought of. Color blocking. Yellow shoes with purple fringe.  A bold bag that livens up the outfit. Unfortunately, she is overdoing it here. Prints work on a dress, but not in an overdone business suit that’s too matchy-matchy. We love Tibi (the designer) and we especially love Olivia’s “statement dressing” but the graphics are overdone.  Prints can go a long way but they can also go too far. Don’t do this at home.
— Simona Kogan
Photos top to bottom, left to right: Emmanuelle Chiriqui, Katy Perry, Ashley Greene, Ashley Greene in sweats, Kendra Wilkenson, Olivia Palermo,  People.com

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