Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

Rihanna vs. Ellen Page in Alexander Wang

Winner: Rihanna. As much as I love Ellen Page and her subdued and edgy style, she sometimes lacks the attitude it takes to pull it all off. Rihanna exudes effortless chic and Wang's dress looks made just for her with her blunt cut and slouchy boots. Page's accessories are a nice touch to dress the frock up but comes off looking like the dress is wearing her.

Leann Rimes vs. Stephanie Pratt in Julia Clancey


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Winner: Gotta go with Leann Rimes here. despite the singer's controversial personal life of late, she's showing she can still step out and look hot. Her entire look works with the dress's vintage, Old Hollywood look—her platinum ringlets, her ivory skin, and classic makeup. She looks like an old school pinup girl while Pratt's overtanned, tousled L.A. girl image lacks the same amount of polish.

Victoria Beckham vs. Sara Paxton in Giles Deacon

Winner: Victoria Beckham. Although Posh resembles some strange, other-worldy being in this photo, I have to give her props for those standout boots. As one of the hottest items of this season, her over the knee boots work perfectly with the tough, angular dimensions of the dress. Sara looks hot too, though I her beauty queen hairdo is a little too sweet for the edgy style.

Emily Deschanel vs. Eva Longoria Parker in Gusatvo Cadile

Winner: Sorry Mrs. Parker! Emily Deschanel gets the nod for pulling off this tricky, voluminous gown. With minimal jewelry and simple hair, Deschanel allows the dress to do what it was made for: stand out on its own. Parker has too much going  with the strap on one side (is that ruffle attached to her?) and her mound of wavy hair on the other. Plus, Eva is only 5'2 so, in person, this dress probably swallowed her petite frame completely.

Halle Berry vs. Freida Pinto in Dream Culture

Winner: It's a tie! When searching for substantial differences in how this tunic was worn, I realized that it a textbook example of how one piece can be worn differently yet equally stylish in two different cities. Berry's look is perfectly L.A. in her choice of accessories and color palette, creating an overall relaxed, beachy feel. Pinto has adapted the tunic to the chillier fall climate of London by adding tights and closed toe flats. And the black and white palette and oversized bag just screams (or I guess, whispers politely) classic, London elegance. Bravo to both! 

Photo Source: people.com

-Alia Rajput

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  1. Ok so these are my “who wore it better winners”
    1. Rihanna
    2. Leann
    3. Sara Paxton
    4. Eva Longoria
    5. Halle Berry


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