Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

Emily Blunt vs. Eva Amurri in Dolce & Gabbana

Winner: Though Emily wowed the crowds in her blush pink gown at the Golden Globes, Eva Amurri takes home the crown for her pretty, pulled together look. Blunt's scraggly, dark locks are too much of a stark contrast against the peachy tones of her dress, shoes, and bag. She looks like a goth girl trying to play dress up. Amurri glows in the warm tones and is the definition of grace with soft wispy hair, a croc clutch, and satiny pumps. Go girl!

Keira Knightley vs. Blake Lively in Burberry


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Winner: Keira Knightley does her hometown label proud in the effortlessly elegant way she dons the coat. Her relaxed manner, slouchy bag, and loose waves make for a casual look that's simple, but not sloppy. Lively takes similar cues in her choice of riding boots and skinny jeans, but her fussy hat and glasses channels too much of an Inspector Gadget vibe.

Jessica Lowndes vs. Paris Hilton in Alice + Olivia

Winner: Even if it wasn't against Paris, I would still have to choose Jessica Lowndes. The belt and booties are a fun, edgy way to add to the already busy dress, but without making it look too overdone. Her sleek, simple hairstyle and minimal accessories allow the bold accents to stand out on their own. Paris, as usual, makes poor accessory choices with her black tights and chunky black necklace. The result is too piecy and detached while Jessica's overall look flows nicely together.

Nicole Kidman vs. Mary-Kate Olson in Dries Van Noten

Winner: This is pretty laughable to begin with. As one of the most elegant women in the world, Nicole Kidman puts just about anyone to shame—especially someone who's known to look homeless. Nicole could make a burlap sack look like couture, while Mary-Kate can still look like a baglady in this gorgeous coatdress, complete with lank hair and sloppy bag. Nicole, impeccable as always, shines brightly in the belted number.

Elizabeth Banks vs. Hilary Duff in Express

Winner: Hilary Duff epitomizes the power of a style that's relaxed and laidback, but still completely polished. Elizabeth, with her hat, jacket, and multiple scarves is just too messy and too much look. All she would have needed was Hilary's classic staples like the sleek bag, the edgy boots, and the comfy scarf, to make a neat and tidy traveling uniform that would keep her chic on either coast.

Photo Source: People.com
-Alia Rajput

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