Celebrity Style: Most Outrageous Fashion Moments of 2014

Celebrity Style, Outrageous Fashion 2014
What would celebrity fashion be without outrageous moments? No one can forget Lady Gaga’s TK TK. The world would not be the same without one Miley Cyrus pastie in it! However I’m done with thinking about the obvious choices. There were so many other fashion moments that were just so outrageous they needed someone to write about them – and they don’t all come courtesy of music stars or B-listers.
Here is a taste of the most outrageous fashion moments of 2014:
Rita Ora 
Was Rita Ora a breakout fashion star of 2014 or just someone who tries too hard to follow in the fashion footsteps of Rihanna and Lady Gaga? She certainly had her share of big fashion moments in 2014 from that yellow Zac Posen gown at the American Music Awards to the crazily mismatched outfit seen in the picture above. This Vivienne Westwood coat, blouse, iridescent jacket and trousers look was paired with nude platform boots that had rainbow-patterned soles on the bottom. Perhaps the coat or the jacket on its own was enough but everything together? It was all just a little too much. That bag she carried with her name on it said it all – she DOES want to be recognized. Unfortunately, at this point, she is recognized as trying too hard. It’s not even one of her most outrageous looks – since she was seen wearing a Sponge Bob dress and crazy cartoon prints in the past. Rita Ora is so pretty, she really does not need to try so hard.
Kim Kardashian
Sadly (or whichever way you look at it), 2014 was the year of Kim Kardashian. Ms. Kardashian, and her voluptuous derriere, were literally EVERYWHERE. We know what you’re thinking – from see-through dresses to black blazers with nothing underneath – she has worn looks way worse than pictured in the photo above. So what makes it one of her most outrageous looks? Ironically, it has nothing to do with Kim herself but the fact that she honed in on a surprising trend. The color ingenues over at Pantone have announced the breakout color for next year, which they do every year. That color is Marsala, a reddish purple shade that looks similar to burgundy. Kardashian is one of a handful of celebs who have recently worn this color. While she looks pretty good in it, we’re not sure she even realizes she jumped on a trendy bandwagon. And that’s probably the most outrageous thing of all!
Lupita Nyong’o
If it wasn’t the year of Kim Kardashian, then 2014 may have been the year of Lupita Nyong’o who wowed and thrilled us with her fashion prowess. But with fashion forwardness comes fashion faux-pas and she may have made one by wearing this Prada number at the 2014 Met Gala, earning her a top spot on many fashion worst dressed lists. Ironically, when you hear the story behind the dress, you may want to rethink it’s outrageous feeling. In fact, Prada was doing an ode to Charles James, who was fond of dresses that slip on and off. Still, the cage-like feeling and the headband was all a bit much. Did Nyong’o figuratively “pull it off?”
What 2014 outrageous celebrity fashion list would be complete without this see-through number worn by Rihanna at the this year’s CFDA Awards? It was probably one of the most, if not the most talked, about look this year! Rihanna wore a completely sheer dress to accept the CFDA Style Icon award, perhaps imprinting in all our minds that she probably does deserve this award for having the guts to wear this crazy see-through number. And in case you were wondering, Rihanna was wearing a custom made Adam Selman fishnet dress with gloves, headscarf, Jacob and Co. jewelry, and yes, underwear. The dress, gloves, and headscarf was embellished with over 216,000 Swarovski crystals.  But no one was shining more brightly than Rihanna herself.
What do you think is the most outrageous celeb outfit of 2014?
– Simona Kogan
Photos: Rita Ora, Styleblazer.com; Kim Kardashian, People.com; Lupita Nyong’o, Styleblazer.com; Rihanna, Hollywoodreporter.com
Image Layout: Second City Style

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