Celebrity Style: 4 Pregnant Celebs Who Get Maternity Style Right

Truth be told, I’m having a difficult pregnancy. I had morning sickness throughout the first few months. By the 5th month I was waking up every night. I had leg cramps, swollen feet, muscle and nerve pains, brown spots on my face and stretch marks. In the third trimester, I had to go to the emergency room for an IV and dehydration when I came down with a severe stomach virus. I haven’t had the appetite that every pregnancy woman dreams of,  but I have put on weight regardless.

I am 36 weeks! (Starting my 9th month) wearing H&M blouse (not maternity), ASOS Maternity Leggings, Havaianas flip flops (because they’re the only shoes that fit my swollen feet right now!)

One of the best things about this pregnancy, besides the fact that my baby girl has been safe and growing throughout all the scares, was the chance to embrace my pregnancy belly with maternity fashion.

While I had to hide the pregnancy the first few months (and then was “lovingly” told by a co-worker I should embrace the caftan), suddenly being able to hike up my new pants to my stomach and embrace my growing bump a la Kim Kardashian was a feeling that made me thrive!


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Although maternity fashion from Motherhood Maternity, ASOS, H&M, and an Israeli designer named Avishag Arbel became staples for me, I also didn’t always wear maternity clothes. As the bump rounded out, I didn’t need to. It was the first time in my life I didn’t care if things looked too tight. It was a feeling I hope will stay with me after the baby is born.

These celeb fashionistas have also embraced their baby bumps – whether showing them off in silky frocks, high waist pants and crop tops, blazers, body con dresses, or bright colors. They highlight maternity fashion at its best and have been go-to influencers for me as I have sailed through my own pregnancy fashion journey.

Chrissy Teigen

No need to hide under black, baggy, or bulky, says Chrissy Teigen, who only wore tighter and more daring clothes as her baby bump grew bigger. From embroidered textures to crop tops to leather pants, Ms. Teigen, now a proud mommy to Luna Simone, reveled in her maternity fashion risk-tasking and loved to show off her new curves. Check out the bold and bright patterned Marni maxi dress she wears in the picture above. Granted, she wears it with heels in the third trimester – but even her off-duty pregnancy style is still a daring hit!

Anne Hathaway

In my opinion, Anne Hathaway had a few hits and misses – especially considering some of her pregnancy fashion became rundown and boyish. But there were in fact times she stole the show. Everyone remembers that glittery Naeem Khan gown under a gold overlay at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. But there was also that gorgeous deep red two-toned Zero + Marie Cornejo Kasi dress worn to a pre-Oscars party. I don’t know if I would tell a non-preggo to wear this dress because its long and loose draping could have become shapeless but Hathaway easily filled out the trapeze silhouette and made it look beautiful.

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne too made some fashion mistakes while pregnant. I actually prefer her non-pregnancy fashion to her maternity wear. But there were times when her fashionista tendencies seemed to reappear after they’d been hiding under a flannel for way too long. Take the knee-length black and white polka dot dress seen above. If your feet aren’t swollen yet, you can bear them with cute ankle booties. And don’t forget the black blazer on top. Black blazers are some of the best things to wear during pregnancy to streamline the entire look and make the eye go directly to the belly and not to the swollen ankles or arms.

Blake Lively

I was debating whether or not to put Blake Lively on this list. After all, her belly is one of the smallest pregnancy bellies I’ve ever seen. This happened with her first child as well. Well, we can’t do anything about genetics – some people have rounded bellies and others have soft ones, some have tiny bellies, and others have large ones. What I love about Blake Lively’s sense of style is that her clothes run the gamut – they hide the belly and they show it and they shroud it in black or leave it alone. With the yellow Valentino dress at the Cannes Film Festival seen above, you can’t really notice her belly in front but upon closer look, you notice that it is in fact the perfect transition dress. Not completely tight but not super loose either, his dress is a gorgeous and unique color with peplum at the top and crystal detailing at the hem.

–Simona Shemer

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