Celebrity Style Smackdown. Who Wore It Best?

It has been far too long since we have done a Smackdown! There were so many photos to chose from so this one is loaded with bouts. Let’s step ringside shall we?

Nina Garcia & Beyonce in RM by Roland Mouret

Winner: I hate to say it, but Beyonce wins. The color drowns out Nina’s skintone. She could have used a little more makeup and pulled her hair back which would have played up the elegant dress better. Nina also should have shortened the hem to a few inches above the knee. I like Nina’s shoe choice better than Beyonce’s, however. Still Beyonce rocked the dress just a little bit more.


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Fergie vs. Lindsay Lohan in Dolce & Gabbana

Winner: I have to go with Lindsay on this one. One, the hem was better suited for this edgy dress and her age. Two, I like her shoes better. While I am all for a little pop of color when it comes to choosing shoes against all black, it’s the style I am not crazy about. A purple pump would have been a better choice.

Jessica Simpson vs. Paris Hilton in Diane von Furstenberg

Winner: This is a tough one since I am not crazy about the dress, however, Jessica wins. The fit is better and I so prefer the pattern against a bare leg. Paris loses points for sheer patterned black ‘hose.’ She always loses points with me for constantly matching her shoes and bag! That’s so over!

Joy Bryant vs. Christina Aguilera in Pucci

Winner: I know I am going out on a limb here, but I have to say Joy wins. Yes, Pucci is a bold choice and frankly I would prefer the dress to be cut just above the knee since there is so much pattern going on. Yet, I hate it as a top paired with those hideous pleather leggings (which I know are all the rage, but I still loathe) and purple suede shoes. The top also hits Christina at the widest part of the leg, thereby making her look hippier (not hipper) than she really is.

Kim Kardashian vs. Kristin Cavallari in Black Halo

Winner: I like the color better on Kim, but the fit is better on Kristin. Kim has an unfortunate habit of wearing her clothes too tight. Case in point above. When you see folds across the skirt like Kin’s it means it’s too small. Kristin wins.

Paula Abdul vs. Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa

Winner: JLo by a long shot. Mostly because it fits her. Paula’s has way too much feather and fabric going on up-top. Nothing a few alterations could not have helped. Poor Paula can’t catch a break.

Rachel Bilson vs. Kim Raver in Chanel

Winner: Not even close…it’s Kim. First, the length is perfect for this ultra-glam cocktail dress. Next, I love the necklaces against the black. Additonally, this dress calls for hair pulled back since it has such amazing shoulder ruffle detail. Lastly, her open-toed shoes and bag compliment the dress impecably. A perfect knock-out.

Rose_vs_amy                                                           Rose Byrne vs. Amy Smart in Burberry Prorsum

Winner: Rose wins by more than a nose. It looks like a totally different dress on Amy. Why? Well not just because it is missing the amazing beading around the neck, it also coms down to fit. This dress is too bug on her. Lastly, this dress calls for a bolder shoes than a little strappy sandal. Be careful not to match a fall/winter dress with  a summer sandal. Rose’s shoes are a much better choice.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: People.com

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