Celebrity Face. Beyonce's Little Sis Tapped to Be Armani's Newest Muse.


Yes! We’re so glad Solange Knowles has ditched that ugly orange floral minidress combination for a pair of jeans—Armani jeans that is!

According to NYMag, Armani has announced Solange as the new ambassador for Armani jeans, the label’s younger line. She’ll probably be in one of those hip, hypercool new ad campaigns in the jeans, an interesting stray from big sis Beyonce’s own classier, Marilyn Monroe-esque tribute to Armani’s Diamonds fragrance.

Finally, baby is stepping away from bootylicious big sis Beyonce? At least fashion people are talking about her. Will it last?

Source: NYMag

Photo: People.com

–Simona Kogan

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