Celebrity Designers. The Artist Formerly Known as Mischa Barton.


Is Mischa Barton now a symbol only? No, the fierce fashionista is not going by the artist formerly known as Mischa Barton these days, but she does have a symbol to represent her.

You see, the former O.C. diva has created a  line of fourteen handbags for online retailer ASOS.com, says People magazine.  The collection is made up of vintage-inspired styles from clutches to totes and prices ranging from $43 to $323.  And yes, a signature Mischa emblem is printed on each and everyone.

Sounds a little too Prince-ish for my taste. Remember when the flashy singer changed his name to a symbol only? That was just weird. Much like this four leaf clover emblem she’s suddenly going by.


Mischa Barton Fina Clutch, $130

I may even buy this chocolate Fina clutch with ruching detail. The brown leather reminds of Mischa’s earthy hippie style, though the bag is  much classier then those fringe boots she’s been wearing. But that emblem has got to go. 

Am I planning to buy the rest of her slightly over-priced, interesting textured, but nothing special label? Maybe when doves cry.

Source: People.com

–Simona Kogan

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