Catherine Zeta-Jones, Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Wilde: What Would Wear They Wear From NYFW Spring 2013 Runways?

They came, they saw, they conquered! A-list celebs like Amy Adams, Kelly Osbourne, Kim Kardashian, Susan Sarandon, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba and more came to New York Fashion Week to check out the latest goods from designers like Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, and Anna Sui. Whether it was zoning in on the black and white trend or checking out gowns for their next red carpet event, the celebrities were on hand to view the latest for Spring/Summer 2013.
Some of the biggest names in the front row included four fashionista favorites: Catherine-Zeta Jones, Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Olivia Wilde.  While it was no surprise that Catherine Zeta-Jones was at Michael Kors (she’s been a devoted fan for a while), we were pleasantly surprised to see Emma Stone turn up at Calvin Klein and Sarah Jessica Parker at Diane von Furstenberg (she’s only been seen with Oscar de la Renta as of late.) Olivia Wilde, in her bold orange dress, was also a happy welcome.
We don’t know their exact reasons for coming to the shows. They could be there to show support for the designer or to find that great outfit for their next red carpet event.  We also are not sure which exact outfits they liked and didn’t like. In any case, we’d like to predict the outfits we could see them wearing whether its for that red carpet or strolling about town. Here are four outfits from each runway, and why the A-lister in the front row would wear them.
Catherine Zeta-Jones at Michael Kors
There’s something very unique about Catherine Zeta-Jones and the way she wears his clothes. She likes to play up the fact that she’s young, wearing form fitting dresses and baring some cleavage, but it’s not necessarily that she’ll play up the trends or go for the 30-something look—she’s better than that, maybe, and it has to do with the fact that her husband is 25 years her senior. That’s why when we saw this black and white dress on the Michael Kors runway, which she and Michael Douglas both attended, we knew it was perfect for Catherine. There’s something stylish and trendy about the collar and the black and white, but it’s still fairly conservative. Thus, the mix of young and old is perfect for Zeta-Jones, who wore something even sexier when she donned a Michael Kors chocolate stretch matter jersey v-neck wrap dress to the event.
Emma Stone at Calvin Klein
Although we know that Emma Stone is a Calvin Klein fan, we were also a bit taken aback to see her at the Spring 2013 runway show. Why? Because Stone likes to experiment with her fashion and Calvin Klein can be on the minimalist side. She also likes to play with bright colors, which she did by wearing a coral shift dress to the event. Luckily for us (and her), designer Francisco Costa decided to experiment with the Calvin Klein collection just a bit this season, by playing up sleeves, hem lines, and shapes around the chest. This look worn by model Bette Franke, is perfect for Emma Stone because it has the appeal of minimalism and experimentation in the print, hem lines, and the v-neck on the chest. While it’s not a red carpet gown, it certainly can be worn by the actress to her next photo op.
Sarah Jessica Parker at Diane von Furstenberg
There’s a fine line between Sarah Jessica Parker and her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie Bradshaw, as we all know, likes to experiment with anything and everything when it comes to high-fashion and haute couture. SJP, on the other hand, has been seen in both couture and dressed down looks. There are days when she just wants to wear jeans while shlepping her son to school or days when she’ll do wonders for an Oscar de la Renta gown or dress. There were a lot of items that were part of DVF’s collection that I could never see SJP wearing—she just doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to pull off DVF’s loose boho chic silhouettes. That’s why this pink dress with sequins seems to be the perfect compromise of dressed down and chic. With the colorful and wearable pieces that DVF seems to offer, we think it would be perfect for SJP.
Olivia Wilde at Ralph Lauren
For some reason, Olivia Wilde doesn’t scream fashion icon to me. That’s not a bad thing—it just means that she doesn’t go crazy for trends and knows what looks good on her. In a way, that doesn’t make it surprising to see her in the Ralph Lauren front row – after all, Ralph Lauren is the king of All-American prepster wear in luxe fabrics. And since Lauren has seemingly gone just a little bit sexy as of late, we also think he’s perfect to dress someone like Olivia Wilde. While we weren’t expecting this actress to wear such a bright orange dress to the event, we did love how she paired it with a bright yellow clutch. Lauren’s collection for Spring 2013 had a Spanish theme, but still showcased his wearable style with a bit of flair—exactly the kind of fashion I could see Olivia Wilde wearing. That’s why this white dress is perfect for her. It’s not too much, but it has a bit of flair, particularly in the scrunched and draped bottom and in the sexier V-neck collar.
– Simona Kogan
Celebrity Photos: Zimbio
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