New York Fashion Week Fall '10. Carlos Miele's Color-Drenched Carnivale

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Summary: At the risk of sounding trite, Carlos Miele was one of the first designers this season to bring out the spice in fall fashion. Finally, we see some bright colors and graphic prints outside of Custo Barcelona. This Brazilian designer seems to get that autumn looks do not need to end at olive, charcoal, and taupe. Miele's sassy, saucy show was a horse of a different color from the get go, with his opening choice of two fitted pieces in purple, fuschia, and red. Though he dipped into more traditional fare with some knits, some wool, and some fur, he also kept things edgy with an almost constant attention to chain detail and metallics, both of which sparkled against the burst of color and print. Even the neutrals were luscious, like the oft-used combination of black and light gold. In fact, two of the most gorgeous pieces in the collection were of that combination: the gold minidress with a black lace overlay and the black charmeuse gown with the light gold bodice. But it was the spectrum of color that seemed to ultimately steal the stage. And though at times, the variety of the pieces seemed to make the collection look somewhat disjointed, it was a show that succeeded in celebrating the spectrum of hues we all have at our disposal—no matter what the season. 

Color Palette: purple, red, fuchsia, black, silver, grey, light gold, beige, taupe, metallic, electric, charcoal, print, multi, geometric abstract print, three-tone

Fabrics and Textures: silk charmeuse, chain applique, suede, leather, wool, knit, fox, astrakhan, chiffon, guipure, tropical wool, silk, mink, metal, lace, silk chiffon, knit, ostrich, denim, beaded, fringe, strap detail, paneled, chain detail, zig-zag, striped, asymmetric, fuxico, loop detail, rouched


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Key Looks: strapless purple, red, fuchsia silk charmeuse short dress with chain applique, grey wool vest with silver fox applique, black guipere lace short dress over light gold printed silk dress, geometric abstract print cocktail caftan and three-tone sash with chain applique, black high waisted black pant with belt, short black charmeuse dress wit light gold bodice, rouched silk chiffon skirt, black bolero with looped detail and chain applique, electric blue caftan cocktail dress with chain detail, short dress with black and charcoal beaded panel, black fringe leather vest

-Alia Rajput

Photos: BPCM

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