Camuto Group to Add Men's

The Camuto Group jaugernaut shows no signs of slowing  any time soon. The original founder of Nine West says his namesake company plans to launch a men’s denim, sportswear, suits and outerwear next year along with a men’s fragrance by Parlux Fragrances Inc. “No one really has paid attention to this white space,” said Vince Camuto Friday.
Camuto saw opportunity when his 22-year-old son had trouble finding something hip yet appropriate to wear to a wedding. Camuto’s phenomenal recent growth (550% last year in footwear alone) can be attributed to his razor-sharp focus on trends, delivering affordable style and viewing every failure as an opportunity.
“We study fashion every single day,” he said. “We like to learn what we do right and what we can improve.…The problem with the industry in general is that after a while, it becomes automatic. The brands that really work it are the ones that are really successful.”
Source & Photo: WWD

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