CAbi Career Day Event With Geena Davis In Chicago

Kimberly Inskeep President & Chief Culture Officer of CAbi Clothing with Geena Davis at the CAbi Career Day Event in Chicago.
Over 500 women attended the CAbi Career Day Event in Chicago this year on October 16th. Guests were greeted with champagne, and a luncheon along with informal modeling. I had the opportunity to attend the event and met many CAbi consultants, who were extremely friendly and excited about their CAbi businesses. I enjoyed discussing their fall 2013 collection and different options when it comes to how to wear them. Several women I met had CAbi businesses for over 10 years, which was impressive! This event was for consultants to get together, but also for women to find out more about CAbi, experience the fashions they offer and learn about the career possibilities. The speakers from CAbi were extremely entertaining and the presentation was very informative. One highlight of the event was a guest appearance by Academy Award® winning actress Geena Davis. She spoke humbly, candidly and humorously about being an actress. In her movie career she noticed the lower number of females in film, the statistic proved she was right, and now she is an advocate for gender equality in films. If you missed this event you can see the CAbi Career Day rebroadcast here!
Over 500 women at the CAbi Career Day Event in Chicago
Models wear CAbi fall 2013 Collection during the luncheon at the Career Day Event in Chicago 2013
– Carol Calacci

Photos: CAbi and Second City Style

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