Blow an Eyelash and Make a Wish


Yesterday I was able to attend a fabulous luncheon at the beautiful Lamb’s Club to chat with Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks about the campaign she’s been working on with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Latisse. The “Latisse Wishes Challenge” was inspired by the tradition of blowing away a lost eyelash to make a wish come true. Such a perfect, and clever collaboration! The campaign is ready to take off again for it’s second year by rallying all of us women to support the make a wish foundation. Make-A-Wish devotes it’s self to granting any wish for a child who is suffering from a life-threatening medical condition. Everyone who donates at least $20 to the foundation gets a free trial certificate Latisse, and additional certificates as you invite friends to support as well! Christina is partnering up to encourage us all to join her in raising $500,000 for the foundation so a wish can be granted in every chapter of the Make-A-Wish foundation across the country. What a great excuse to treat yourself to something new, while feeling good about helping a fantastic non profit organization! As someone who has always been addicted to eyelash products, and super curious about Latisse… I had to ask Christina (who’s a total sweetheart!) how it’s been working for her! Christina says that she has noticed a huge difference in her lashes, and that the product is totally safe, quick to apply, and easily fits in with her nightly beauty regimen! It’s a must try!  I had a great time at lunch talking with several women and doctors who work with Latisse as well as some of the amazing individuals behind the Make-A-Wish Foundation. So many adorable wish stories were shared, and it was incredible to hear of an organization that truly cares about each child’s wish, and goes above and beyond to create a special memory and a long lasting personal relationship with each family.  Between now and November 30th Latisse will double all donations made (up to $250,000), so go on to and support the cause! -Alyssa Buishas  

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