BlingDots: Earring Placement Fixer

This is one of those products I didn’t even know existed and now that I do…I wish I had thought of myself! I have a pair of diamond studs I love, yet hardly wear because they appear to be tilting forward from my ear lobes when I wear them and it drives me crazy. Enter BlingDots earring supports and stabilizers which hold and support your earrings up where they belong. Whether you’re wearing chandelier earrings, classic hoops or elegant studs, BlingDots will relieve the weight of the earrings all day and all night. They even work with stretched earring holes, allowing you to once again wear pierced earrings.
These discreet backs are made with cushiony-soft, foam that won’t irritate skin. They use a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a post-hugging grip to position earrings face forward while adding extra security when you wear them. BlingDots are super easy to apply, simply adhere one hypoallergenic foam ‘dot’ to the back of each lobe and push your earring post or hook through your earring hole and then through the adhered disposable dot you just applied and then affix the backing as usual. The weight and pressure of the earring will be relieved and the earring will be lifted up on the ear lobe where it belongs. Then simply discard the BlingDots when you remove your earrings. They are hypoallergenic and latex-free and also work with clip-on earrings and other jewelry such as brooches.
BlinGuard BlingDots, $14.99 for 45 disposable pairs, 90 individual dots
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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