Big Shakeup at Giorgio Armani

John Hooks (center)

Changes are happening in the house of Armani… and it is unseen whether the changes will have positive or devastating effects.
John Hooks, an 11 year company veteran in charge if international operations, has resigned from the Giorgio Armani brand yesterday. In a statement released by the Armani house, Armani said “an agreement has been reached with John Hooks for a resolution of their working relationship,” adding the legendary designer “wishes him all the best for the future.”
There could have been more problems behind the scenes though. Sources said that Hooks lost a power struggle with Livio Proli, a second company insider who was named general manager a year and a half ago. And Proli has already set his sights on the big dogs. A source saying that the former Milan basketball sponsor is “all business, and wants to succeed”, Proli has already hired several executives from rival Prada, including two officers to fill top positions. “Half the commercial team [at Armani] is going to be from Prada,” according to one fashion insider.
Until previously, Hooks looked to be the successor of the Milan-based luxury brand, due to his time at the company and his longstanding friendship of Giorgio Armani.
– Taneisha Jordan
Source: NY Post

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