Beauty Buzz. Love It or Leave It: Lipstick Tattoos

Beauty technology is getting more and more advanced these days—and sometimes more and more bizarre. After contemplating the necessity of perfume candy earlier this week, we have a new item for consideration on the bizarre beauty ballot. Violent Lips recently broke out in the market with their interesting idea of temporary tattoos, for lips.
Started by music manager Jeff Haddad and his partner Lori Magnier, the idea reportedly was conceived when Haddad’s nine-year-old daughter scored multiple compliments from decorating her mouth with Chanel temporary tattoos. Haddad realized there were no temporary tattoos made specifically for lips anywhere on the market. “We’ve been paying makeup artists to do this to our artists on shoots, and nobody has made it,” said Haddad, who has worked with The Pussycat Dolls.

Thus, Violent Lips was born. Haddad told WWD he knew he was in business when he created a patented process to produce impermanent lip tattoos that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Violent Lips’ temporary tattoos come in three-packs for $14.95 and are applied in a four-step process. They reportedly last four to eight hours, (to endure a raging “night out,” Magnier suggested),  and can be removed with mineral or baby oil.

The designs include polka dot prints, zebra stripes and cheetah spots and come in colors ranging from red to gold to rainbow. . Four glitter varieties are set to roll out soon and 18 more designs will make their debuts after that. Violent Lips can also be customized, and candy store Sugar Factory has signed on for 10 sweets-inspired removable lip tattoos. And if lip treatments weren’t enough, the brand plans to extend beyond lips into eyelids next; there are 10 eyelid designs scheduled to launch in around six weeks. Haddad said the brand will enter spas and nail salons first, but has plans for wider retail distribution and would love to be on Macy’s and Sephora shelves. We’re hedging are bets that Rihanna will go for it, but would you pick these strips for your own girl’s night out or stick to your favorite pout plumper?
-Alia Rajput
Article and Photo Source: WWD

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