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OK, so you have just consumed dinner and a half a bottle of red with your hot man and you are praying that your teeth are not that icky muddy red color as you beam across the table. Now there is no need to worry. Enter Sexy Smile. Just slip to the ladies room and brush on the clear gel side of the wand on your teeth and voila!

Ssmilepkg_1 SexySmile is a dually loaded wonder wand. One end is filled with colored, non-sticky gloss for your lips, the other end looks like clear gloss but is really a tooth whitening and minty breath freshening magic potion. This is the perfect answer for those of us trying to fight the good fight…keeping our teeth white while trying not to consume coffee, tea and red wine through a straw (I actually know someone who does this and while her teeth are indeed very white, she’s embarassing in public). Developed by cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pia Lieb who herself needed a discreet, multi-function product…you can breathe easy that SexySmile won’t harm your teeth.

I have toted my portable SexySmile in "Wear-it-to-bed Red" (of course) for a week now and have found myself using the gel after meals. It’s quite addictive and can be used up to 6 times a day. Since I like a lot of color, the gloss was perfect over my lipstick.


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Weartobedred_2 See for yourself and order your own in colors like Boardroom Berry, Cafe Latte or Just Kissed.

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