Beauty: Set the Stage With The Perfect Face Primer

When putting your best face forward, it’s always important to use the proper base before applying makeup. One of the most important ingredients to the perfect face is a primer. They are critically important because they provide the base to which makeup adheres. They are also great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Here are my recommendations for some of my all time favorite primers.
My first love has to be Laura Mercier Foundation Primer. This was one of the first primers I ever used and it was from a recommendation. There is a good reason why this is one of the best selling primers ever. This water-based primer creates a smooth, invisible layer that acts as a “buffer” to outside elements and expertly holds foundation. It’s also one of  the best primers for all skin types and moisturizes skin with vitamins not to mention it just feels downright good on your skin.
When it comes to oily skin, I find primers are essential. You need a barrier between the oil in your skin and the makeup so that your makeup will not break down and glide off your face, especially in the summer months. In the case of oily skin, a primer with oil control would be perfect. And for this reason, I absolutely love Yves Saint Laurent Matt Touch Primer. This little dream in a tube has to be one of the most amazing matte primers I have ever tried and is worth every penny. It provides the skin with radiance that other matte primers don’t and it makes your skin look beautiful.
If you don’t want to spend a whole lot of money on a primer and you want staying power for your makeup, L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer, competes with some of the best of them. At under $11, this primer is a little thicker than some I have tried, but glides on beautifully and really has that silicone feel and texture I look for in primers. The jar is rather small, but a little goes a long way so you will not be disappointed.
By now you know SPF is very important, and this next primer gives you that added protection. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is that good for your skin primer that is mineral based, and water resistant with SPF 15. It neutralizes the skin, minimizes shine, and creates a smooth, uniform canvas for flawless makeup application. I love the satin finish and it keeps makeup from fading.
Last but not least, do you need that one primer that does just about everything? Whip Hands Cosmetics has the answer. Their Set the Stage Makeup Primer could just be a miracle in a jar. This ultra light-weight formula has quickly become a makeup artist favorite, and you may just find this little gem in many of our kits. This primer goes on silky smooth before transforming into a light, matte micro-powder that provides exceptional binding properties including cremes, powders and high-definition foundations. It’s perfect for a wide-range of skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. If you have to have just one primer that does everything, this is it!
1. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, $32
2. Yves Saint Laurent Matt Touch Primer, $42
3. L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, $12.95
4. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer SPF 15, $18- $52
5. Whip Hand Cosmetics Set the Stage Makeup Primer, $39
– Kelley Epps-Woods
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