Beauty Review. Custom Blend With Giella Cosmetics


Has your favorite lipstick been discontinued? Are you always finding yourself mixing a few foundations for the right shade? Well I have, which is why I was excited when I discovered Giella's Custom Blend Cosmetics. This line's philosophy is that each of us should be able to optimize our appearance using our natural features and colors, and should be guided through the process of selecting and applying the perfect  combination of products to achieve our image. Which explains why there are an array of products to help us achieve that.

GiellaSo, I must tell you about B-Dazzle Powder. B-Dazzle is a beautiful shimmery powder made up of 12 ingredients, that comes in a stick or powder form. It is a brilliant highlighter for the eyes, and you just add a little to the inner corner's for an the instant pick-me up!


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And if that is not enough pick me up try, Giella's Revitalizing Foot/ Leg Spray. After first applying to my feet, I couldn't help but notice the amazing aroma that cascaded up to my nos. It was so refreshing and calming, I almost wondered if I could spray it on my pillows. That I did, and slept like a baby! This amazing SK25_largePicturespray is great for a tired day on your feet or when you are traveling, and even if you can't get to sleep at night. It's an instant relief. It has calming lavender essential oils, which is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant, and de-toxifier. Hence why it reduces anxiety, and stress, and can put you into a nice blissful sleep. This is the perfect spray to put in your purse and carry anywhere. Need a refresher? Try spraying some in the air, inhale and instantly feel revived.

To experience Giella, you can go to Henri Bendel's in New York, and with just asking questions about skin tone and color preferences, makeup guru Giella can figure out what products and colors works best for you. Consultations can be done at Henri Bendel New York, on the phone, or over the Internet. And since the makeup is made right at Giella’s counter, you can be sure that you are getting the best product and service. Available at: Henri Bendel, (888) 221-046,

—Kelley Epps-Woods

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